MC - S Automatic Cutting System

MC - S Automatic Cutting System

MC-S series: Single measuring and single cutting automatic cutting system ■ Apply to custom manufacturing of high-end western-style clothes, high fashion and uniform; greatly meet diversified requirements of cutting workshop.


Product Advantages


-  Subsection adsorption and subsection cutting achieve simultaneous cutting, material picking and spreading;

-  It adopts vertical reciprocating straight knife cutting to ensure high precision and high speed

-  Fault self diagnosis function has simple and clear operation.

-  Automatic adjustment of cutting arc cutter speed meets high-precision cutting requirement;

-  It has no cutting dead angle and doesn’t cause uncut silk;

-  Safety rod device effectively avoids safety problem during cutting;

-  Two indicating lamp devices are in subsection areas of the body, ensuring operating safety of workers;

-  Bristle’s service life reaches 6-8 years, greatly reducing use cost.




* Effective cutting area of cutting bed is customizable according to actual customer demands

* Effective length: 6m, 9m, 12m

* Except recommended model, we can perform widening, lengthening and other personalized customizations according to customer demands



MC - H Series Multifunctional Cutting System

MC - H Series Multifunctional Cutting System

MC-H Series: High-precision multifunctional cutting system specially developed for mass production - MC-H1703/H1705/H1707: Apply to caps, women’s dress, fashionable dress, uniform, western-style clothes, cowboy wear, etc. - MC-H2005/H2007/H2305/H2307: Apply to sportswear, knitwear, car seat, interior trim parts, home furnishing, etc. - MC-H2011: Apply to underwear, car sponge seat cushion, etc.

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